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Without a properly planned and executed launch, all the time, effort and investment that went into research, product development and website-readiness provides limited early adoption and sales results.

Companies invest heavily in the development of new products and updates to existing products every year, yet it's commonplace for companies to struggle making sure these great products are launched properly - to ensure they reach their maximum revenue and profit potential...

At WinningWare, our aim is to help customers put as as much care, planning and great execution into launching products as went into their conception and development.

What are the most common reasons products aren't launched properly?

1. Insufficient Time - by the time the product is about ready to launch, there's not enough time or resources available to plan and execute the launch properly.

2. Lack of Knowledge - launching products today is different than it used to be, given the importance of social networking, email marketing and online communications with your marketplace, ahead of launch day. Checklists and document templates help, but don't provide a complete set of step-by-step instructions on what to "do" to execute a launch properly.

3. Organization and Planning - just like a business plan forces one to think through the most important elements of success, a launch plan organizes the launch process and provides a plan that can deliver the sales and early adoption required to meet business goals and objectives.

How can we help you plan and execute a proper launch?

We offer product launch solutions to meet both do-it-yourself and "done for you" needs:

  • Launch Campaign Power Tools - do-it-yourself software tools that help you plan, organize and execute your launch the way a seasoned launch professional would - saving you precious time and money, and increasing your sales results and bottom line profits while putting you in the launch driver's seat.

Why Are Some Launches More Successful Than Others?

Properly orchestrated launches develop an early adopter community with increased awareness and engagement, resulting in increased sales and early revenue once the product is released.

If you have a product or website that you need to launch or re-launch, contact us today to discuss solutions that can help you get the most out of your launch.

Download our FREE Launch Best Practices Report to learn more about how these online launch processes are applied to maximize early adoption of a new product or website.


Product Launch Software

Properly organized and executed product launches are highly profitable campaigns, capable of producing millions of dollars in sales. However, the amount of effort required to plan and execute a launch is often overwhelming - especially for today's over-extended marketer.

Streamline launching of products and websites withWinningWare QuickLaunch™, professional product launch software tools:

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  • Automate Launch Planning - eliminates tedious, manual planning and copywriting tasks. Generate launch plans, schedules, email sequences, landing pages and more - save yourself many weeks of manual, tedious effort
  • Follow Step-by-step Launch Instructions - whether you are a launch veteran or it's your first launch, you will benefit from step-by-step launch plans with detailed instructions
  • Use a Simple Launch Wizard- just fill-in-the-blanks with your launch information and you get a complete, professional, state-of-the-art launch plan, schedule and launch content created for you.

How the Launch Process Works

We help you launch your product or website by first developing an interested community of prospects, then maximizing its participation in the launch itself. Our digital products and consulting services generate market interest and then "condition" and nurture the community, using the latest permission-based marketing and social networking techniques.

Instead of "driving" prospects to take action, we "invite" them to participate and become part of the launch. Energy shifts from "getting the word out" to "building a relationship" with an early adopter community. As shown below, the Launch 3.0 Sales Process is designed to not only get the word out about your launch, but to build a healthy sales pipeline and close as many sales as possible during the launch.

Launch Sequences are email and blog sequences which educate and prepare your early adopter community to buy your product.


Canvassing programs attract traffic to the launch landing page, where visitors can register to receive more information.  Various combinations of online media and content build an interested community around your hot topic, event, product, or website. A combination of inbound marketing activity and high-quality content is used to attract, nurture and convert interested prospects.

Download our FREE Launch Best Practices Report to learn more about how these online launch processes are applied to maximize early adoption of a new product or website.



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