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Software and SaaS Marketing Solutions

Millions of dollars are invested in development of new software products and updates to existing software products every year. Web-based Software as a Service ("SaaS") applications are replacing more traditional packaged software and enabling software vendors to make inroads to new customers on a global basis.

At WinningWare, our aim is to help software companies invest as as much care, pride and planning into launching and promoting your software products as went into their development.

Toward that end, we offer a number of software marketing solutions::

  • Launch Campaign Tools - powerful, do-it-yourself software tools that help you plan, organize and execute your marketing campaigns and launches the way a seasoned launch professional would - saving you precious time and money, and increasing your sales results and bottom line profits.
  • Professional Services - we engage to help you plan, organize and execute your campaigns and launches by outsourcing certain tasks that we handle for you.

Why Are Some Campaigns More Successful Than Others?

Properly orchestrated marketing campaign sequences develop increased awareness and engagement, resulting in increased sales and early adoption once the product is released.

If you have a software product that you need to launch or run specific marketing campaigns for, contact us today to discuss solutions that can help you get the most out of your next campaign or launch.

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Launch Campaign Tools

Properly organized and executed software launches are highly profitable, capable of producing millions of dollars in sales. These campaigns can be organized around any "event", including launching new products, launching new versions of existing products, entering new target markets with an existing product and running specific campaigns with a particular marketing partner - to name just a few.

However, the amount of effort required to plan and execute the campaigns is often overwhelming - especially for today's over-extended marketer.

Streamline marketing of software and SaaS products with Campaign Power Tools™

  • Automate Launch and Campaign Planning - eliminates tedious, manual planning and copywriting tasks. Generate campaign plans, schedules, email sequences, landing pages and more - save yourself many weeks of manual, tedious effort
  • Follow Step-by-step Instructions - whether you are a marketing veteran or it's your first campaign, you will benefit from step-by-step launch plans with detailed instructions
  • Use a Simple Planning Wizard- just fill-in-the-blanks with your launch and product information and you get a complete, professional, state-of-the-art launch plan, project schedule and content created for you.

Need Help Planning or Executing Your Next Campaign?

Feeling overwhelmed? Or perhaps you just need some "extra help" getting things done during the "crunch"...

Our Software Marketing Services can help.

Our professional services are delivered by proven software executives, who bring more than fity-five years of combined software industry experience to your team.

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